From 5-6th November 2017, the 4th ASEANSAI Summit was held in Lao PDR which attented by the heads of ten SAI members of the organisation. Representatives from GIZ, WB, EU and ADB, etc. were also present at the event. Delegates from SAI Vietnam, headed by Dr. Ho Duc Phoc, Auditor General were among the attendants.
On 30th October 2017, the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) hosted Facilication Skill workshop under framework of Long-Term ASEANSAI Programme on ISSAI Implementation Phase 2. The workshop was attended by representatives from 07 ASEANSAI members of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and international experts joined as the facilitator at the workshop.
On 19th October 2017, SAV held the workshop on “BT Investment Management – Issues and Solutions” at its head office in Hanoi. Dr. Ho Duc Phoc – Auditor General - joined the opening session. Deputy Auditor General – Cao Tan Khong and Director of the Audit Training Institute –Dr. Le Dinh Thang co-chaired the Workshop. Participants came from various Ministries included: Ministry of Planning and Investment; State Bank; Ministry of Transport; Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment; Hanoi’s Natural Resource and Environment Department together with representatives from professional associations and universities. The Workshop also gained the attendance of many news agencies.
On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic relations and the 40th anniversary of signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation, On 18 October 2017 SAI Vietnam and SAI Laos solemnly celebrated these landmarks in the relationship of the two countries in Hanoi.