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In the recent development trend, the position and role of public financial inspection agencies on enhancing accountability of the Government for budget and financial management, corruption prevention, thrift practice and fighting against losses and wastes, public finance reform, international integration, transparency improvement and administrative reformhave been increasingly improved.
After more than 19 years of operation, as a professional agency specializing in the field of checking the State finance,being established by the National Assembly, performing independently and subject only to law. The SAV has gradually played its important role in the national development and integration process. The SAV’s audit results have been used broadly in management, administration, supervision, approval, giving decisions for those issues related tobudget, financial and improvement of policies and laws.
The SAV built its own Development Strategy to 2020 which was approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee in April 2010. In which the core values are defined as “Transparency, Quality, Efficiency, and Continuous Improvement”. The implementation of the Strategy will further enhance the efficiency, professionalism and effectiveness of the SAV’s performance in line with the development trend of supreme audit institutions in the world.
Over the last few years, in accordance with the Agreement on development and implementation of IDI-ASOSAI 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, the SAV built its own Strategic Plan 2013-2017 with an aim to selecting and implementing some primary and highly prioritized activities among those mentioned in the Development Strategy to 2020. In order to successfully implement the Strategic Plan, all the leaders, officials and employees of the SAV shall need to clearly understand its importance, contents, and commit themselves to and join hands in implementing it. In addition, the SAV looks to receiving active supports and assistance from the Party, the National Assembly, the Government, ministries, local authorities and international donor community.
As the head of the SAV, I commit myself to making all efforts together with my staff and employees in putting this the strategic plan into successful implementation.