Position and function

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Position and function

1. SAV’s Administration Department (hereafter, referred as Administration Department) is a subordinated department of the State Audit office that has the advisory duty to the Auditor General in performing review, administrative, governance, financial – accounting, emulate and propaganda tasks as well as managing SAV’s capital construction investment. 

2. SAV’s Administration Department has its own stamp for transaction and be able to open account in the State Treasury in accordance with the legislation.

Duties and powers

1. In carrying out the reviewing duty, Administrative Department has the following duty and power:

a) Reviewing and conducting strategic plan to develop SAV for certain period and submitting to Auditor General;

b) Reviewing and conducting SAV’s annually, monthly and weekly operational plan; arranging SAV’s quarterly, monthly and weekly working program;  

c) Monitoring and supervising SAV’s subordinated departments in implementing their assigned operational plan; promptly reporting to SAV’s top management the implementation progress as well as difficulties and issues to be solved;

d) Assisting SAV’s Auditor General to conduct program and chairing or coordinating with other departments to organize workshops, meetings, briefings of the SAV and between SAV’s top management;

đ) Consulting SAV’s Auditor General in incorporating and handling activities with other organizations;

e) Consulting SAV’s Auditor General in implementing administrative reform in SAV’s organization and operations;

g) Organizing secretariat and assistant function to serve the managing and governing duty of SAV’s top management;

h) Summarizing information, news to serve the managing and governing duty of SAV’s top management;

i) Summarizing, evaluating SAV’s work results in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually period to report to Auditor General.

2. In carrying out administrative duty, Administration Department has the following right and duty:

a) Carrying out the duty of administration, archiving and librarianship of the organization in accordance with current regulations;

b) Examining SAV’s document procedures and modalities before submitting to SAV’s top management for promulgation;

c) Publicizing documents that are signed by SAV’s Auditor General or other person authorized by Auditor General; Updating SAV’s website in compliance with legislation and Auditor General’s regulation; 

c) Providing technical and professional guidance on administrative, archiving and librarianship task to SAV’s subordinated departments;

d) Keeping and using SAV’s seal and that of Administration Department in compliance with law.

3. In carrying out governing duty, the Administration Department has the following right and duty:

a) Conducting plan and organizing the implementation of procurement, repairing, guarantee of property, equipment and requisites plan to serve organization’s operation; instructing and examining the management and usage of SAV’s assets; 

b) Managing SAV’s facilities; ensuring conditions and material means are sufficient to serve SAV’s operation;

c) Organizing protocol work to guests who have meetings with SAV’s top management and subordinated department at the SAV’s office;

d) Arranging citizen meeting room and other conditions, necessary equipments for meeting with citizens in SAV’s office; instructing and welcoming citizens in compliance with regulation;

đ) Organising the management and arrangement of transportation for SAV’s operations in compliance with regulation;

e) Oganizing health service, primary health care, disease prevention, sanitation, preserving landscape and environment of SAV’s office; providing and managing canteen and food to serve lunch for SAV’s staffs;

g) Carrying out the following duty: protection and prevention in case of fire, storm, flood; internal security agency; ensuring staff and administrative discipline with regards to the SAV’s internal rules and regulations. 

4. In performing financial – accounting duty:

a) Assisting Auditor General in performing the duty of budgeting unit level 1, Administration Department has the following right and duty: 

- Consulting Auditor General to instruct SAV’s department to conduct annual budget plan (including investment plan on capital construction); reviewing departments’ budget plan; formulating SAV’s annual budget plan which proposes to the Government to submit for National Assembly’s approval;  

- Consulting Auditor General in allocating fund to SAV’s department;

- Considering to apply the state’s regulations on the management and utilize state funds into that of SAV; instructing the implementation of financial accounting mechanism and inspection on work relating to finance and accounting to SAV’s budgeting units; summarizing SAV’s overall fund settlement for Auditor General to submit state authorized agency to approve;

- Consulting Auditor General to issue regulations on practicing thrift and waste prevention in exploiting SAV’s financial resources and facilities; instructing and inspecting SAV’s departments to implement those regulations;

- Coordinating with the International cooperation Department to review and submit Auditor General to approve the plan for utilizing reciprocal funds which are spent by SAV in incorporation projects and international aids; joining the management of international cooperation projects on matter relating to finance;   

- Inspecting the management and exploitation of funds performed by SAV’s departments.

b) Being assigned as budgeting unit level 3, Administration Department has the following right and duty:

- Allowed to open bank account at National Treasury in compliance with the legislation;

- Organizing accounting task in compliance with the legislation.

5. In performing emulative and complementory work, Administration Department has the following right and duty:

a) Assisting Auditor General to clarify Communist Party’s directive, State’s policy and SAV’s regulation on  emulation and commendation scheme; 

b) Being the SAV’s Standing role of Emulative and Complementory Committee Council;

c) Conducting and submitting to Auditor General the program, plan and the content of SAV’s emulative and felicitate scheme and instruct SAV’s department to implement in compliance with regulation;

d) Assisting Auditor General to organize emulative campaign and carries out felicitate campaign within its jurisdiction;

đ) Disseminating and instructing SAV’s department to inspect and supervise the implementation of emulative and felicitate scheme;

e) Consulting Auditor General to conduct preliminary and overall reviews, reveal outstanding individual, lesson learned and dispersed, enlarging emulation campaign and premier individual; making recommendation to renew campaign’s forms; considering and evaluating on the emulation case’s proposal to ensure appropriateness and timely manner in compliance with regulation;   

g) Assisting Auditor General to set up fund for emulation and felicitation in compliance with legislation; managing the award of SAV’s felicitation in-kind based on position title; organizing the award ceremony in accordance with regulation; performing procedure to replace damaged/lost felicitation in-kind and affirming the reward form;     

h) Assisting Auditor General to organize propaganda activities; form and propaganda measures in compliance with SAV’s regulations; 

i) Organizing and managing SAV’s historical room.

6. In managing investment on capital construction, Administration Department has the following right and duty:

a) Conducting and submitting Auditor General to approve the office development plan and SAV’s project on capital construction investment;

b) Consulting Auditor General to clarify State regulation on managing investment on capital construction to apply into SAV’s circumstance;

c) Managing and governing the implementation of SAV’s project on capital construction investment;

d) Outlining and submitting Auditor General to enact document relating to SAV’s capital construction project; carrying out procedures of investment on capital construction;

đ) Managing, supervising and controlling the use of fund and assets relating to particular projects; archiving records and documents relating to particular projects in compliance with legislation and Auditor General’s regulation;  

e) Reviewing, reporting the implementation progress of investment on capital construction quarterly, semi-annually and annually to SAV’s top management and related agencies;

7. Performing summarizing and reviewing task; establishing information database on area relating to Administration Department’s function and responsibility;   

8. Incorporating with related agencies to improve SAV staff’s living conditions;

9. Managing official, civil servant and employee in compliance with State regulations and Auditor General’s hierarchical regulation; 

10. Organizing the implementation of emulation, reward, discipline, propaganda and scientific research in compliance with State and Auditor General’s regulations; monthly, quarterly, annual or fortuity reporting to Auditor General on Administration Department’s work result; 

11. Organizing the implementation of Administration Department’s clerical and archiving work; managing Administration Department’s equipments;  

12. Performing other duties and rights upon Auditor General’s approval or authorization.
(Quoted by Decision No.595/QD-KTNN dated 02/8/2006 by Auditor General)