SAV and CNAO met in Hanoi to push up mutual cooperation

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On 18 May 2017, at the headquarters of SAV, Auditor General Ho Duc Phoc hosted a courtesy meeting with delegation from CNAO, headed by Deputy Auditor General, Mr. Li Xiaozhong.

Dr. Phoc meets with delegation from CNAO

With regard to the assessment of the cooperation between SAV and CNAO, Phoc said that the two SAIs have had close and effective cooperation. Based on the Cooperation agreement signed in October 2013, many activities between the two sides have been implemented regularly and effectively. At the same time, SAV and CNAO have actively coordinated and supported each other within regional and international framework.

He further expressed his wish that SAV would continue, in the near future, to receive the support of CNAO in training and exchanging expertise on topics of mutual interest and strengths of both sides such as environmental audit, mineral extraction audit, IT application in audit work, etc.    

On 19 May, SAV and CNAO held a joint seminar on “Improving the quality and effectiveness of audit”. The seminar was co-chaired by Dr. Doan Xuan Tien, Deputy Auditor General of SAV and Mr. Li Xiaozhong, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO.

Snapshot of the Seminar

At the seminar, the two SAIs focused on three key issues including State Audit Law implementation, application the state audit standard system, and audit quality control. With a relative similarity of political institutions, both SAIs have had rich opportunities to share and learn from mutual experience on how to organize and conduct audits.

Adhering to audit standards, SAV always pays high attention to strengthening the inspection and supervision of auditing operations in order to improve auditing quality through the implementation of uniform quality control at all stages of the audit process, clear segregation of duties, and control methods. 

Speaking at the end of the seminar, Mr. Li Xiaozhong believed that the shared knowledge and experience will be valuable lessons. Accordingly, each SAI can better understand each other’s operations, improve the quality of both SAIs, and contribute to building a transparent, sustainable and effective national financial system. Ultimately, it is a common hope that there would be more seminars to contribute to strengthening good cooperation between two SAIs in particular, as well as tightening friendly relationship between Vietnam and China in general. 

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