State Audit Office of Vietnam joins hands with Voice of Vietnam for the next ASOSAI Assembly

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On 23 January 2018, at the Headquarter of the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) in Hanoi, leaders of SAV and the Voice of Viet Nam (VOV) - the national radio of Vietnam held a meeting on communicating about the 14th ASOSAI Assembly. General Auditor Mr. Ho Duc Phoc and General Director of VOV Mr. Nguyen The Ky co-chaired the occasion.

Auditor General Ho Duc Phoc (Third from the right) and VOV Director General Nguyen The Ky (Third from the left) pose for a group photo at the meeting

Speaking at the meeting Phoc stressed the significance of the Assembly in the context of the nation’s international integration policy in general and of SAV’s regional cooperation plan in particular. He informed the participants that the event which will take place during 19 – 22 September this year would the first of its kind ever hosted by Vietnam since SAV joined ASOSAI in 1997. It will convene top leaders and senior representatives from all of 46 members SAIs of ASOSAI and from several regional working groups, partner donors and specialized agencies of INTOSAI.

The event and its side-line activities are seen as good opportunities to discuss ways to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of audit activities, and to promoting regional state auditing to international standards. It is also a chance to introduce about Vietnam and its people and culture to foreign friends. At the meeting Phoc expressed his high expectation that VOV would support SAV in concluding a propaganda plan so that the public could be better aware of the role and current activities of SAV in Vietnam economy and in Asia region.

Talking about the propaganda plan, Phoc highly appreciated the coordination between representatives from the two agencies in designing and conducting communication activities. He agreed with three key milestones in the plan which covers around the Assembly including pre-assembly, intra-assembly and post-assembly phases. He guided that communication campaigns should cover every aspect in SAV audit operation, particularly on recent audit results in auditing public investment programmes, State enterprises, and financial and banking institutions. In parallel, SAV’s direction on improving audit efficiency and quality, promoting performance auditing, environmental auditing, IT auditing, and international cooperation should be also on the high list.

In his turn, Ky addressed about VOV’s strengths and policy as a major media agency of the nation. According to Ky, VOV is now using all types of  communication including radio and television broadcasting, printed newspapers and online transmission. He affirms that VOV will make its utmost efforts in conveying updated information about the Assembly to the public before, during and after its occurrence.

Updated news on the Assembly will be provided to foreign audience as well. This task is assigned to VOV’s foreign language channel which will be broadcasted in 15 different languages to major parts of the world. In addition, VOV is about to publish a bilingual special broadcasting programme (in both English and Vietnamese) by September to raise public awareness of the role and position of SAV in its current development and regional integration process.

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