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On 28/01/2018, the 7th Seminar on Environmental Auditing was held in Khao Yai National Park. The Seminar is an important activity from ASOSAI WGEA in order to futher promote the exchange and cooperation among SAIsregarding conducting environmental audits The Seminar lasted from 29 to 31/01/2018.

A session at the Seminar

The two main topics of the Seminar were: “IT Application in Environmental Audit” and “Conducting Environmental audit in specific environmental areas.”

Participants came from ASOSAI WGEA’s members and delegations from various organizations including INTOSAI WGEA, EUROSAI WGEA, AFROSAI WGEA and ARABOSAI.

SAV’s representatives shared the experience in conducting the Audit of management and treatment in Khanh Phu Industrial Zone, Ninh Binh Province at the Seminar.In addition, SAV also met with other SAIs experienced in conducting evironmental auditsin order to seek further assistant to promote SAV’s capability in the future.

SAV’s delegation also attended the 6th Working Meeting of ASOSAI WGEA after the Seminar to discuss and vote on some important topics like: Working Plan 2017-2019; Functions and responsibilities of ASOSAI WGEA; Launching the research project of the ASOSAI WGEA; location and schedule for the next Meeting and the 8th Seminar for on Environmental Auditing.

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