SAV delegation participate in the fifth International Integrity Seminar in Hungary

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Within the framework of an official visit to State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO), a Vietnamese delegation led by Deputy Auditor General Doan Xuan Tien took part in the seminar “Strengthening the integrity of public sector” held by the SAO from 5th to 9th March 2018.

The International Integrity Seminar has been organised annually by the SAO since 2014 with the aim of dissemination of integrity based public administration culture through sharing good national and international practices. There are over forty experts from Supreme Audit Institutions coming from twenty-five countries, mostly of Asia, Africa and Southeast Europe. Representatives of the National Office for the Judiciary of Hungary and INTOSAI Development Initiative also attended the Seminar.

At the Opening Conference on 5 March, internationally recognised experts including Mr. László Domokos (President of the State Audit Office of Hungary), Mr. Doan Xuan Tien (Deputy Auditor General of the State Audit Office of Vietnam), Mrs. TündeHandó (President of the National Office for the Judiciary), and Mr. EinarGørrissen (Director General of INTOSAI Development Initiative)shared their experiences on promoting integrity as one of crucial tools to fight against corruption as well as the significant role of SAIs in this field. Prof. Tien has delivered a presentation on “Efforts and achievements of SAV in the fight against corruption in Vietnam”. The presentation focuses on three main ideas including the role of SAV, significant achievements of the fight against corruption, and solutions to improve the quality of anti-corruption fight.

The professional programmes carry on during the whole week until 9 March in the course of which it is explored how the results of the Integrity Survey can be utilized in the work of the management. In addition, participants have had a closer look at the results of the survey and how integrity evaluation is built in the SAO audits. Experts also gain insight into the communication activity of the SAO and various innovative communication tools that effectively contribute to the improvement of public financial transparency, thus consolidating integrity based administrative culture in their countries.The SOLIDUS Award of the State Audit Office of Hungary was also presented on the occasion of the Opening Conference to recognise two persons who – by their outstanding and exemplary performance – contributed to the development of the rule of law and society related significance and professional prestige of our institution, and through this they supported the more efficient and effective utilisation of public money.

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