State Audit Office of Vietnam cooperates with Vietnam Television to disseminate the 14th ASOSAI Assembly

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On 7th of March, 2018, the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) and the Vietnam Television (VTV) held a meeting on disseminating information about the 14th ASOSAI Assembly.

Auditor General Ho Duc Phoc (standing) in a meeting with Chairman of VTV

Opening the meeting, Dr. Ho Duc Phoc, the Auditor General said: “Becoming the host country for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly next September marks an important step in the process of integration and international cooperation of SAV since its establishment. In this regard, SAV has issued an information plan to intensively disseminate information about SAV as well as the Assembly to the public. Thus, close coordination with media agencies, especially with VTV, is crucially important”.

According to Phoc, SAV would like to work closely with VTV to disseminate a number of key contents: (1) emphasizing the development process, role and position of SAV in the political system of Vietnam, thereby affirming, raising the prestige of SAV at both domestic and international level; (2) disseminating a number of specific audit subjects of SAV such as budget audit at all levels, audit of capital construction investment, audit of the State enterprises and financial institutions, audit of valuation of SOEs before equitization, environmental auditing and many new auditing fields. In addition, SAV’s dissemination plan also focuses on international cooperation and human resource training, the importance and contributions of ASOSAI to the Asian economy; as well as for the development of SAIs; promoting the image of the country, people and culture of Vietnam with the world.

As a national television station, VTV has lots of advantage in broadcasting digital programs and video footages on the national network. Mr. Tran Binh Minh, Director General of VTV agreed a plan to convey updated information about ASOSAI and its 14th Assembly on VTV's digital channels such as online TV, fanpages and forums, and overseas networks.

At the end of the meeting, Phoc thanked for the support from VTV and expressed his desire to have continued cooperation with VTV, particularly for the purpose of communicating about the 14th ASOSAI Assembly.

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