SAV and GI work to smooth out overlapping

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On 5 April 2017 in Hanoi representatives from SAV and Government Inspectorate met to discuss solutions to carry out their respective annual work plan 2017.

Dr. Doan Xuan Tien, Deputy Auditor General presented SAV stance at the meeting


The meeting come as a result of a recent direction by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc regarding avoidance of overlapping and duplication of audit and inspection activities. Under the Announcement No. 98/TB-VPCP dated 22 February 2017 the Prime Minister observed that the Government Inspectorate and other inspection agencies of the Government should base on the Annual Audit Plan of SAV to review and adjust their respective inspection and examination activities so as to avoid possible overlapping and duplication with those of SAV. This is aimed at mitigating difficulties to localities and businesses as well as to ensure the independence of SAV as prescribed by the Constitution and the law.  

At the meeting, the two sides agreed to promote communication between them in the course of planning their annual workplan. In the process, SAV could consult and use the results on inspection work by Government Inspectors to decide its audit plan and vice versa.   

Statute on coordination between SAV and GI was signed in March 2015 with the aim of further improving the cooperation between them. The deal is also to create favorable conditions for each side to complete their respective mandates. It stipulates the principles, contents and coordination mechanism between the two agencies in elaboration of audit and inspection plans; treatment against duplication, audit and inspection subjects, mutual use of audit and inspection results, and monitoring the implementation of conclusions and recomendations, training and professional development, etc. Under the agreement, by November 15 each year, prior to approving audit plan and/or inspection plan for the following year, the each side shall send its draft to the other for review and adjustment if any overlapping detected.

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