XIV ASOSAI Assembly: Electing members of Governing Board and Auditing Committee for 2018-2021

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On 22 September 2018, XIV ASOSAI Assembly voted Governing Board (GB) and Auditing Committee (AC) for the period of 2018-2021 in the Second Plenary Session.

Heads of SAIs are casting votes for members of GB and AC for 2018-2021

There were five vacant posts for the Governing Board and two vacant posts for the Audit Committee open for election. The election was carried out by secret ballot, under the independent supervision of the two SAIs of Bhutan and Myanmar. As a result, 05 SAIs with the highest number of votes became GB members including Indonesia (30/38 votes), Kuwait (30/38 votes), Russia (28/38 votes), Nepal (26/38 votes) and Bangladesh (25/38 votes).After three rounds of voting, 02 SAIs being elected to AC were Turkey (24/38 votes) and Kazakhstan (19/38 votes).

In conclusion, Governing Board period 2018-2021 consists of 12 members with 7 ex-officio members including Viet Nam (Chairman period 2018-2021), China (Secretary General period 2018-2021), Malaysia (Chairman period 2015-2018), Korea (Secretary General period 2015-2018), Japan (Capacity Development Administrator), India (ASOSAI Journal Editor), Thailand (next Chairman) and 05 voted SAIs including Indonesia, Kuwait, Russia, Nepal and Bangladesh. Audit Committee period 2018-2021 includes 02 members of Turkey and Kazakhstan.


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