Promote experience exchange in environmental auditing between SAV and CNAO

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On 22 September 2018, Auditor General of Viet Nam Ho Duc Phoc – ASOSAI Chairman period 2018-2021 had a meeting with Auditor General of China HU Zejun – ASOSAI Secretary General as a sideline activity of XIV ASOSAI Assembly. Deputy Auditor General Nguyen Tuan Anh and Leaders of International Cooperation and Administration Departments also attended the meeting.

Official talk between AGs of Vietnam (right) and China (left) on the sideline of the Assembly in Hanoi

Commencing the talk, Dr. Ho Duc Phoc made a brief introduction of structure and operation of the SAV. Currently, the SAV is reviewingthe 2015State Audit Law for making amendments and supplements to a number of contents thereof such as proposing judicial assessment of public assets, audit of tax administration and taxpayers’ obligations; making units using public finance and public assets one of the audit subjectsof SAV, etc. Moreover, the SAV is focusing on performance audits of urban land management, areas at high risks of losses and wastes or other issues of public interest. The SAV, through about 250 audits annually,  has been contributing to discipline enhancement in the management of public finance and assets as well as recovery of state budget and making law amendmentsfor anti-corruption.

Dr. Phoc also highly appreciated the good relationship between two countries in general and two SAIs in particular recently and proposed cooperation activities in the forthcoming time. Firstly, he wished to promote experience sharing in the fields of environmental auditing, IT auditing with big data techology. In addition, more effort should be made in sharing and exchange of training materials and programs in order to improve capacity of both SAIs’ staff. Moreover, further cooperation between two SAIs on auditing tools such as remote sensoring, resonance and so onwas expected in the world of climate change and Industry 4.0. Another proposal was a possible joint audit on environmental topics. Finally, affirming the vital role of ASOSAI Chairman and Secretary General, he requested the collaboration on a regular and constructive manner between two SAIs for a strong ASOSAI and economic development of Asia and the globe.

In response, China Auditor General HU Zejun extended her congratulations to Viet Nam AG on the new role of ASOSAI Chairman period 2018-2021 with full trust from ASOSAI members. She also expressed her deepest gratitude for the hospitality and friendly reception of SAI Viet Nam to SAI China during the XIV ASOSAI Assembly. “The efforts of the SAV have contributed to laying the foundation for close cooperation of ASOSAI members,” said Ms. HU Zejun. She also highly appreciated the relationship between Vietnam and China in economic, social and commercial fields as well as showed CNAO’s agreement and readiness to promote bilateral cooperation with the SAV in sharing the training of auditors and environmental auditing with the tool of big data as the strength of the CNAO.

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