Official meeting between Vietnamese Auditor General and Chairman of Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea

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On 20 September 2018, Vietnamese AG Ho Duc Phoc had an official meeting with BAI Chairman of Korea Choe Jaehyeong in the framework of XIV ASOSAI Assembly in National Convention Center in Hanoi.

Bilateral meeting between Dr. Ho Duc Phoc (right) and Mr. Chae Jaehyeong (left)

Dr. Ho Duc Phoc expressed his honour to receive and have a meeting with BAI delegation in Viet Nam. He shared some information of SAV’s recent operation achievements. SAV has developed State Audit Law and a system of audit procedures and standards thanks to experience sharing by BAI. SAV also built a modern IT system and software for audits of construction investment, corporate  and state budget audits, software for building database and digitalizing data, etc. Moreover, SAV has applied modern technologies such as remote sensoring and ultrasonic in audits of construction and mineral extraction. “The SAV is trying to promote IT system and IT audit, including the development of IT strategy by 2030 with vision to 2040. That is why we would like to learnmore experience of BAI in this field,” said Phoc. Thus, he proposed BAI to select a topic for a joint audit of environment for sustainable development or IT audit conducted by two SAIs.

In response, Mr. Cheo Jaehyeong appreciated the strong development of Viet Nam in recent years and said that Viet Nam could develop more in the future. The rapid socio-economic development of Vietnam requires the government and the private sector to be more transparent in their activities. Thus, the role of the SAV is especially important. Choe Jaehyeong expressed his pleasure at the fact that the National Assembly and the Government have recognized the significant role of the SAV for the socio-economic development of the country. Healso wished the two organizations to promote experience exchange, including IT audit and environmental audit. Agreeing with the proposal of carrying out joint audits, Mr. Choe said that he would require hisstaff to develop a plan for implementation. "I hope and believe the cooperation between the two sides will be more sustainable and better in the future”Mr. Choe said.

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