Official meeting between Auditors General of Vietnam and Malaysia

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On 17 September 2018,Vietnamese Auditor General Mr. Ho Duc Phoc had an official meeting with Malaysian Auditor General Madinah Binti Mohamad at the headquarter of SAV office in Hanoi.

Welcoming the delegation led by Dr. Ms. Madinah Binti Mohamad to visit SAV offfice, Dr. Mr. Ho Duc Phoc introduced structure organisation and operation of the SAV. Currently, SAV is dipping gradually in performance audits of BOT, BT projects, mineral resources, national target programs, etc. The results of SAV’s operation has been widelyrecognised by the National Assembly, Government and the citizens.

Dr. Phoc also reviewed the good bilateral cooperation relationship between SAV and National Audit Department (NAD) of Malaysia. Two sides have exchanged visits at various levels, through which SAV learnt experiences for development of Audit Standards, State Audit Law and IT audit. SAV auditors also participated in Malaysian Technical Coopration Programs (MTCP) sponsored by Malaysian Government. Dr. Phoc expressed the wish to further promote cooperation in training, especially exchange of training programs and materials between SAV Auditing Training Institute and Malaysia National Audit Academy. Moreover, SAV hoped that NAD as the Chairman of ASOSAI period 2015-2018 would share experience in collabration with Secretary General, Committees and Working groups of ASOSAI as well as member SAIs for effective implementation of ASOSAI Strategic Plan period 2016-2021.

Extending her sincere thanks to SAV’s hospitality and friendly reception and appreciating Dr. Phoc’s information and proposals, Ms. Mohamad hoped to see further cooperation between two SAIs for mutual benefits and contributions to the development of ASEANSAI and ASOSAI. She also suggested that in addition to attending MTCP programs, SAV auditor could join in-place or tailor-made training programs provided by NAD which include 04 short courses at various levels namely performance audit, IT audit, risk based audit, and water management. Nevertheless, Dr. Mohamad appreciated SAV’s preparation for the 52nd Governing Board Meeting and XIV ASOSAI Assembly and believed that SAV would well fulfill its role as ASOSAI Chairman period 2018-2021 and surely bring ASOSAI to a new height.

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