SAV assists National Assembly in State budget oversight

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One of the most important role of SAV is giving its opinions and recommendations to the National Assembly (NA) on the State Budget Settlement Report (SBSR) to assist the process of reviewing and approving it. SAV provides information and data for the NA Standing Committee and the NA Committee for Financial and Budgetary Affairs as working papers at NA meeting sessions while the Auditor General presents the audit report on SBSR as well as the 2016 Summary Report of audit findings in front of the NA.

Auditor General Ho Duc Phoc presents the audit report at the NA session

In order to ensure the quality of information provided to the NA, SAV management pay thorough attention to all phases of each audit engagement as well as the process of compiling audit results and preparing the report on SBSR. All the information, data and documents presented to the NA are well checked and evidence-proofed to ensure the accuracy by confirmations from audited entities.

In 2016, SAV carried out 276 audits to 204 state entities operating in various sectors. Significant findings from these reports were incorporated into the 2017 audit report presented to the NA. The report provides an overview of the management, administration and use of the State Budget in the fiscal year 2015 and related years. The report also presents audit findings on deficiencies, errors, and issues of public concerns regarding the management and use of public finance and assets. For example, the audit results reveal that the total value of misstated finance is VND 38,776 billion (equivalent to USD 1.7 billion); 150 state regulations and procedures in different areas are recommended to be amended or canceled, etc.

In 2017, SAV continues to develop different regulations on guiding the implementation of the revised State Audit Law 2015; promoting anti-corruption activities, enhancing IT application in audit work, etc. These efforts contribute to improving the audit quality and fulfil its role in assisting the NA in State budget oversight. 

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