Promoting capacity building cooperation between the SAV and ACCA

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On 30th May 2017, at the headquarter of the SAV, a courtesy meeting was held between Dr. Ho Duc Phoc, the Auditor-General and Mr. Brian McEnerary, Chairman of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Dr. Phoc meets with ACCA Chairman

At the meeting, Phoc congratulated ACCA on its history of development with more than 110 years, especially the 15 years in Vietnam. He also highly appreciated ACCA's cooperation as one of the reliable, regular and substantial partners of the SAV.  

Phoc stressed that the development of high quality human resources is a strategic objective to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of auditing activities. In this regard, the SAV has actively learned from the experiences of other Supreme Audit Institutions and international professional organizations over the world, including ACCA. Therefore, in the process of implementing the Agreement on Strategic Cooperation signed in 2009, the SAV and ACCA have implemented many effective cooperation activities in various forms, contributing to professional development, such as organizing seminars, conferences and workshops with experts to share experiences on public asset audit, especially performance audit and information technology audit; exchanging information, materials and new sources of data on finance, accounting and auditing; sponsoring a number of ACCA full scholarships for SAV’s auditors with close reports of their learning outcomes.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Brian McEnerary shared some highlights of ACCA's activities worldwide and expressed his delight at the good relationship between ACCA and the SAV. Brian also appreciated the SAV for its efforts to improve the capacity, legal status, quality and efficiency in operation to meet the requirement of industrialization and modernization in accordance with international practices and standards. ACCA Chairman agrees to intensify further supports for SAV professional training, particularly in sharing information and experiences for capacity building for auditors, especially on ACCA's strengths such as public debt audit.

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