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After more than 3 working hours, the 55th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting succesfully completed with important issues on the ASOSAI activities discussed and decided.


SAV’s Auditor General Ho Duc Phoc, Chairman of the ASOSAI for 2018 – 2021 tenure delivers the closing speech

In his closing speech, SAV’s Auditor General Ho Duc Phoc, Chairman of the ASOSAI for 2018-2021 period said that since the 54th Governing Board Meeting in Kuwait, ASOSAI Chairman, Secretary General and Governing Board members have made great efforts to implement the objectives and recommendations stated in the Hanoi Declaration on the environmental auditing for sustainable development and sustainable development goals. In the meeting, the Governing Board reached concensus on the specific actions to realize those recommendations. 

Specifically, according to the work plan of WGEA during 2020 – 2022, ASOSAI will conduct 02 cooperative audits on “sustainable transportation” and “water issues in Mekong River Basin” in some ASEANSAI members chaired by SAV, apart from a project research on “climate change”.


55th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting successfully completes

Especially, in the meeting, the Governing Board approved important issues, namely the establishment of the ASOSAI Working Group on SDGs. It is a pioneer decision of ASOSAI, among 7 INTOSAI Regional Working Group, to implement the INTOSAI Strategic Objectives toward achievement of sustainable development goals. Furthermore, with the common concencus of the Governing Board members, the ASOSAI’s mission, vision, core value as well as strategic priorities and objectives in the time to come have been a firm foundation for the establisment of its Development Strategy for 2022 – 2027. In addition, the Governing Board also discussed many initiatives and actions to respond to COVID-19 pandamic. This is an example to reaffirm the responsibility, capacity and role of ASOSAI community as a whole and its members in particular in addressing the regional emerging issues.

Recognizing the positive contributions and enthusiastic participation of the Governing Board members at the meeting, Dr. Ho Duc Phoc affirmed: The meeting successfully completed all agenda items and also create a great opportunity for the Governing Board members to demonstrate a mutual respect and trust to make important decisions and conduct specific activities towards the ASOSAI’s vision and mission. ​

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