Meeting between SAI Vietnam and SAI Laos

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On 23 May 2017, at SAV’s Office Dr. Doan Xuan Tien – SAV’s Deputy Auditor General had a courtesy meeting with the delegation headed by Mr. Toy Phonthilath – Director General of Personnel and Organization Department of SAI Laos within the framework of the Cooperation Plan 2016-2018 between SAI Vietnam and SAI Laos.

Dr. Tien meet with visiting team from SAI Laos

After the courtesy meeting, professional staff of SAV and Laos delegates discussed several topics of mutual interest. Among others, they are on upgrading the Science Research and Training Centre into an audit training institute; developing training programs for different auditor ranks; State regulations and policies on audit recommendations for financial sanctions. In addition, the two sides exchanged documents and research results on the above topics and others of mutual concerns. 

Under the bilateral Cooperation Agreement signed on 10 November 2000, the two SAIs would actively coordinate to effectively implement the Agreement on Cooperation Plan between the two Governments as well as the Cooperation Plan between the two SAIs.

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