Vietnam visit by a thai OAG delegation

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On 13 December 2007, a delegation from the Office of the Auditor General of Thailand headed by Ms Chanya Kongubol, Director of Financial Audit Office had a working visit to SAV. Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue, Auditor General and some leaders of SAV’s specialised and advisory departments have met and worked with the team. The tour was within the framework of auditor training programmers by OAG to study foreign audit experience implemented on the yearly basis.

During the stay, the team was briefly introduced by Hue about SAV’s organisational structure, legal status and independence of SAV under the existing State Audit Law. In addition, Thai colleagues also expressed much interest in several audit fields, types and procedures currently applicable to SAV operation, particularly audits of investment projects.

Hue highly appreciated the cooperation between SAV and OAG. He again expressed his sincere thanks to OAG for its hospitality and care extended to previous delegations from SAV. The Auditor General reassured that SAV always attached great importance to strengthening its relationship with OAG on both bilateral basis and within ASOSAI and INTOSAI community. He stressed that a friendly and mutually-assisted ties between the two SAIs will help both sides benefit better from one other.

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