SOUTH KOREA’S province of gangwon’s auditors to VIETNAM

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On 22 February 2008, a delegation from Gangwon Province of South Korea led by Mr. Jo Grang Soo, Director of the Province’s Audit Services was met with Auditor General Vuong Dinh Hue at SAV head-office in Hanoi.

At the courtesy meeting with the delegation, Hue welcomed the visit and affirmed that the relations between Vietnam and South Korea in general and those of the State Audit Office of Vietnam and the Board of Audit and Inspection of South Korea in particular were being under fine progress, particularly since the bilateral cooperation agreement was signed in May 2007.

The visit was seen as a positive factor to further boost the connection. Hue then shared the guest information on legal status and mandates of SAV. After the meeting, the delegation had a working session with Vietnamese department level executives on various topics as SAV’s audit organisation, human recourse, budget and rights and powers; SAV’s supervisory agency, independence, appointment of SAV’s management executives and their term of office, and main tasks of SAV and its key audit subjects, methods to deal with errors detected through audits, the disclosure of audit reports; policies on audit files and forms, and SAV’s anti-corruption system, etc.

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