The State Audit Office of Viet Nam commenced the Assessment examination on professional knowledge update in 2023 audit activities

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On the afternoon of February 9th, 2023, in Hanoi, the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) held the opening ceremony of the "Assessment Examination on professional knowledge update in 2023 audit activities" for 553 students who are civil servants and public employees of the SAV’s affiliated units in accordance with Decision No. 1801/QD-KTNN dated October 26, 2021 and Decision No. 1507/QD-KTNN dated December 20, 2022 of the State Auditor General.

The opening scene

Member of the Party’s Central Committee, the State Auditor General, Mr. Ngo Van Tuan attended the opening ceremony. Also presented  were Deputy State Auditor General Dr. Ha Thi My Dzung - Chairman of the Evaluation Council; Deputy State Auditor General Doan Anh Tho and other members of the Evaluation Council according to Decision 1484/QD-KTNN dated December 6, 2022 of the State Auditor General; Heads of the SAV’s units.
At the opening of the assessment exam, Deputy State Auditor General Dr. Ha Thi My Dzung - Chairman of the Evaluation Council announced that this was the first exam held by the SAV to assess the professional and operational competence of the public  auditors across the ministry. Accordingly, the SAV would conduct assessment for 553 civil servants and auditors, divided into 14 exam cases in 3 clusters, namely  Hanoi - Da Nang - Ho Chi Minh City. The structure of the examination includes the followings: 04 senior auditors; 182 Principal Auditors and 367 Auditors.
It is known that the preparation for the examination has been carried out diligently, carefully and responsibly by the SAV. In 2021, the SAV issued the Regulation on assessment of updating professional knowledge in auditing activities of the SAV; In 2022, the SAV mobilized a team of experts who are leaders of units and experienced senior auditors to compile 1.808 questions, build evaluation software to ensure the quality of professional and objective assessment, and fairness in this examination. “The assessment covers general knowledge of the SAV and professional knowledge in the field of auditing, applyingcomputer - based tests with 90 minute-timer and 60 questions. The score of pass or fail is shown immediately after the candidate finishes his/her test on the computer system” – Dr. Ha Thi My Dzung added.
At the opening ceremony of the examination, the State Auditor General Mr. Ngo Van Tuan highly appreciated the efforts of the Council and its Boards in completing the document with 1.808 questions on professional knowledge for revision of the examination. “During the revision process, the Council opened the software question bank with answer for candidates to self-study. More than 800 unit leaders, civil servants, and auditors have accessed the software system for review and mock exams, which shows the special interest in the exam of many people from the SAV. 553 candidates in this evaluation list have deeply prepared, trained their professional knowledge about auditing, and they are ready to participate in the assessment with determination and courage; thereby demonstrating the whole SAV’s staff in making efforts to perform the assigned tasks", emphasized the State Auditor General.
The State Auditor General, Mr. Ngo Van Tuan’s remarksat the opening ceremony

Emphasizing the motto of the SAV of building a professional and competent workforce, adhering to work ethics, diligence, precision, integrity, the State Auditor General suggested that the examinees should uphold their sense of responsibility, demonstrate their political ideology, professionalism, and cultural and ethical behavior in public service; abibe by the rules of the examination room and instructions of the examination officials. 553 candidates need to carefully study the rules and attend the assessment seriously and fairly; The members of the Council, the supporting committees of the Council work diligently with a high sense of responsibility, strictly comply with the issued regulations so that the evaluation would take place seriously, fairly and successfully. “The fact that the SAV organizes this exam is the first step to assess the capacity of the contingent of civil servants and the State Auditor, towards the organization of the annual exam and the completion of the Project to improve the quality of the SAV’s staff in the coming time” – said the State Auditor General.
As planned, the first test would be held on the morning of February 12, 2023, at the SAV's headquarters, 116 Nguyen Chanh, Hanoi./.

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