The SAV organized an assessment of the professional and practical capacity of its auditors

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On the morning of 12 February 2023, the "2023 SAV Assessment Examination on Professional and Practical Knowledge Update in Audit Activities” was held by the SAV at its Headquarters at 116 Nguyen Chanh, Hanoi.

Deputy Auditor General Ha Thi My Dzung - Chairwoman of the Assessment Council thoroughly grasped the content related to the organization of the examination.

On the first day of the examination, Deputy Auditor General Ha Thi My Dung - Chairwoman of the Council evaluated the SAV professional knowledge update in audit activities and the Council held a meeting to thoroughly grasp the contents related to the organization of the examination.
Deputy Auditor General Ha Thi My Dzung said that the first-ever examination shows the SAV’s efforts toimprove the quality of its human resources; it was the first step to assess the capacity of the staff, leading to the organization of annual examination and complete the project to improve the quality of the SAV human resources in the near future.
Given the importance and significance of the examination, each officer in the Council must extremely focus on the organization of the examination, ensuring absolute accuracy and no negative impact during and after the examination. "The members of the Council and Committees must strictly control the examination to ensure the fairness, impartiality, publicity and transparency of the SAV's human resources quality" - the State Auditor General emphasized .
The State Auditor General noted that after the examination, the Council would continuously work to update the content, supplement the review question system, particularly those related to public service ethics, anti-corruption, negativity and waste prevention.

Candidates attending the first day of the examination for 2023 SAV Assessment Examimation of  professional knowledge update in auditing activites

According to Mr. Do Van Tao, Director General of the Personnel Department, this is the first examination held by the SAV since its establishment to assess the professional capacity of the SAV’s auditors across the ministry.
553 candidates participated in the examination, divided into 14 examination sessions held in the 03 following clusters: The Northern clusted - Hanoi inluding Advisory Departments, Specialized Audit Departments, Regional State Audit Offices No. I, II, VI, VII, X and XI; The Central cluster - Da Nang including Regional State Audit Offices No. III, VIII, XII; Southern cluster - Ho Chi Minh City including Regional State Audit Offices No. IV, V, IX, XIII.
At exactly 9 a.m, 40 candidates who are officials, public civil servants and auditors from units started their first examination session through a computer-based multiple-choice test.
Previously, on the afternoon of 09 February 2023, the SAV organized the opening ceremony of the examination. The Auditor General Ngo Van Tuan attended the ceremony and delivered an encouraging speech, motivating participants of the examination.
At the Opening Ceremony, the Council and Committees disseminated regulations, exam instructions and answers questions from all candidates./.

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