The 55th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic relations and the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation.

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On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic relations and the 40th anniversary of signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation, On 18 October 2017 SAI Vietnam and SAI Laos solemnly celebrated these landmarks in the relationship of the two countries in Hanoi.

Mr.Ho Duc Phoc made opening speech at the ceremony

Present at the event were the visiting President of the State Audit Organization of Lao PDR Dr. Viengthong Siphandone and Auditor General of Vietnam Dr. Ho Duc Phoc. For opening speech, Phoc stressed that the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1962 was a majoir  milestone in the relationship between Vietnam and Laos. He affirmed the attachment of fortunes of the two peoples in the struggle for national liberation and unification in each country. The signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation defined an important legal political foundation to continuous consolidatting and developing of the relationship between the two nations, effectively serving national construction and defense, and contributing significantly to the  maintenance of a peaceful, secure and stable environment for development cooperation in Southeast Asia and the world. Upon this good relationship, SAI Vietnam and SAI Laos have always been close to carry out many cooperative activities bringing practical results in the field of public audit to strong and transparent public finance.
Dr. Viengthong Siphandone-President of State Audit Organization of Lao PDR, awarded second-grade independence medal to Leaders of SAV and the former Heads of SAV

Phoc highlighted key achievements in the bilateral ties, especially since the date of signing the Memorandum of Understanding on 10thNovember 2000 between the two SAIs. Over the past few years, generations of leaders of SAI Vietnam and SAI Laos have regularly exchanged working visits and shares professional ideas and concepts to promote the spirit of solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two sides. Regular activities such as exchange of high-level delegations, professionals, information and documents, etc. have created practical effects on capacity building of each SAI.

Also at this ceremony, under the authorisation of the State President of Lao PDR, Dr. Viengthong Siphandone confered medals from the State of Laos to several Vietnamese collectives and individuals for their contributions to the development of public sector auditing profession in Laos over the years.
On 19thOctober 2017 at the Office of the National Assembly of Viet Nam, the Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, Mr. Phung Quoc Hien had a courtesy meeting with the team from SAI Laos on the occasion of their stay in Vietnam for the anniversaries.
The meeting panorama

Mr. Hien rejoiced with the good development and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos and highly appreciated the cooperation between SAI Laos and SAI Vietnam. "The two state auditing agencies have made active and concrete contributions to the development of the special relations between Vietnam and Laos," he said.
Mr. Hien also stressed that the National Assembly and Government of Viet Nam highly appreciates the role of SAV in improving the efficiency of financial and public asset management and utilization. Hehoped that SAI Laosshall implement well the role of Chairman of the ASEAN Supreme Audit Institutions (ASEANSAI) in the period from 11/2017-11/2019. Hedesired that the two SAIs should continue to tighten the relationship, strengthencooperation and exchange experiences inorder to to raise their role and position, especially to closely coordinate to organize the 4thASEANSAI Summitin Laos and the 14thASOSAIAssemblyin Vietnam.
Dr. Viengthong Siphandone affirmed that SAI Laos will continue to cooperate closely with SAV in the coming time in bilateral and multilateral forums, thus creating a solid foundation for deepercooperation between the two bodies in particular and the two States in general.

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