The 14th ASOSAI Assembly – a new development opportunity for SAV

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The 14th ASOSAI Assembly is seen as a significant political, diplomatic and professional event in Vietnam in 2018. It is not just a vivid reflection of Vietnam’s national foreign policies, but a convincing evidence of maturity and growth of the SAV, as well. Hosting an ASOSAI assembly is set forth as a key target in the SAV Development Strategy to 2020 which was adopted by Vietnam National Assembly’s Standing Committee back to 2010.

Vice Chairman of Vietnam National Assembly Mr. Phung Quoc Hien (standing) is speaking at a regular meeting of the National Steering Committee on the 14th ASOSAI Assembly in Hanoi

The Assembly is the first of its kind ever organised in Vietnam. It is 24 years after the establishment of the SAV in 1994 and 20 years being a member of ASOSAI in 1997. The gathering on one hand showcases the SAV commitment to regional integration, it opens new opportunities for public sector auditing in Vietnam on the other hand.
On the new role in ASOSAI, SAI Vietnam would have better chance to acquire international advanced knowledge, experience and other resources from ASOSAI as a whole and individual member SAIs to improve its audit capacity for further growth and development.
As ASOSAI Chairman for 2018-2021 and member of its Governing Board during 2015-2024, SAV is having a good opportunity to affirm its position and role in the region’s audit community. At the same time, it also shows the confidence from member SAIs and international organizations in the ability to organize large international events, thereby helps enhance the prestige, image and position of SAV in the international arena.
It is also a good encouragement for SAV to innovate and improve all aspects of its performance, and to create motivation for audit teams in self-training and enhancing professional capacity and professional ethics in line with international norms and standards. In the new context, SAV will be required to apply new policies, solutions and tools to adapt itself to high quality audit expertise and public expectation. In addtion, it will have inclusive effect on the public on enhancing the role and independence of state auditing in Vietnam, contributing to improving the efficiency of public finance management, public assets and building a strong, transparent national financial system.
The Assembly is a good occasion to introduce about Vietnam and its people and culture to foreign colleagues and friends.

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