On 23 May 2017, at SAV’s Office Dr. Doan Xuan Tien – SAV’s Deputy Auditor General had a courtesy meeting with the delegation headed by Mr. Toy Phonthilath – Director General of Personnel and Organization Department of SAI Laos within the framework of the Cooperation Plan 2016-2018 between SAI Vietnam and SAI Laos.
One of the most important role of SAV is giving its opinions and recommendations to the National Assembly (NA) on the State Budget Settlement Report (SBSR) to assist the process of reviewing and approving it. SAV provides information and data for the NA Standing Committee and the NA Committee for Financial and Budgetary Affairs as working papers at NA meeting sessions while the Auditor General presents the audit report on SBSR as well as the 2016 Summary Report of audit findings in front of the NA.